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ok, so believe it or not i am still working on the posts about the kanye west song. but in the meantime, i've noticed something on my wife's blog that i wanted to call attention to.

please read the post entitled "this weekend & week" from Monday, July 24, 2006. oh, alright...if any of you are too lazy to actually click the link on the right hand side of this page and look for the post, here's the direct link. the reason i want to cite this post is because i believe that it is a good example of prayer.

now, before anybody gets unnecessarily critical and makes any comments about the theology of the post, i should just say one thing: go away! for those of you still left, here's what i mean...it's very honest and openly vulnerable. it acknowledges that the audience is listening and interested and that the audience is very probably interested in responding (e.g. "talk soon").

i don't have much more to say about it, other than that i think if we could learn to integrate this approach in our own prayer lives, we would get more out of prayer and would have more vibrant and fulfilling prayer. this isn't the only way to pray, and there's no saying that this should only be one part of prayer, but i want tanya to know that i was very inspired by the post and i think any of you reading this should go over there and read the post with an open mind and then post comments if desired. it's worth the time!


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