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Final Thoughts

The song is on the first CD Kanye West released called "The College Dropout". Of course, Kanye West wasn't a popular artist before the album that had "Jesus Walks" on it came out. Despite what Kanye expected, millions of spins on popular radio and 3 different versions of the video later, people probably do scream out "Jesus Walks" when Kanye's in the club. I wonder if any of them take the song as seriously as I think Kanye meant it?

Then there's the remix of the song, with lines like God showed me the way, now the devil can't break me down. I finally talked to God, I ain't afraid cuz his love is so strong. This is part of what makes me think the song was meant to be taken seriously. Hopefully I've done it some justice.

Also, if you can handle a little cursing, I would also recommend the songs "Through the Wire" and "Family Business" (how you acquire them is entirely up to you ;-) The first of the 2 is about how Kanye got in a car accident and had his jaw wired shut because of the injuries. He actually recorded the song while his jaw was still wired shut! "Family Business" is about...his family. It's kind of self-explanatory, but a great song.

To those who got through these posts, this message is for you: thanks for reading! Feel free to comment citing how stupid or brilliant my interpretations are.


  • i don't have time right now but i will read this and respond.

    By Blogger IndieFaith, at 12:01  

  • Thanks for taking the time. I enjoyed reading it.

    By Blogger IndieFaith, at 20:42  

  • lol, thanks for reading it. i thought i might be stretching the limits with episodic blog posts (and i'm sure for some i did).

    stay tuned for the next one about that song "hate me" by blue october. i'll post a link to the video too, since that's what really inspired me and gave me an appreciation for the song.

    By Blogger johnny m, at 08:53  

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