spirits that speak



yeah, i'm writing here. part of me has been asleep for a long time. without trying to make excuses i'll just say that i don't bother trotting it out most of the time anymore because nearly everyone at work wouldn't see the point and the warden isn't interested.

i suppose it's likely true that i fancy myself more sufficient intellectually than i actually am. like most things i try but can't seem to measure up to some peers.

irregardless, i've got a post cooking and will hopefully get it posted here in the next day or two. it won't be significant, but i'm starting to awaken a little. in the next post i'll explain why i think that is.


  • Awaken and rise brother! Be stirred to honest expression, I think that is all we can hope for in face of the pressures around us.

    By Blogger IndieFaith, at 16:45  

  • The warden is more interested in hearing whats on your mind & in your heart than you think, or give her credit for.
    Speak up!

    By Blogger tan, at 18:24  

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