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100 years winter, and reliving hope

yeah, i'm writing about narnia again. i promise i won't do this everytime i see the movie...this will be the last time.

there's just such a hope in the movie that's very well woven into the story. but i know it's effectively woven in because i don't just feel the hope that narnians feel for their own land when they see the children. i feel hope for this world. hope for the endurance of my faith.

the characters in the story are just so used to winter. they're just going about living their lives. but in the back of their minds is this comatose hope. one which they've been keeping on life support just in case it's not a lost cause. hope that, no matter how long it's been, isn't beyond the possibility of revival.

these things are familiar to me throughout the film. then i remember that this is how i feel when i'm reading the narnia stories. lewis did well in writing the narnia series, and i believe andrew adamson did well in adapting it for film.

and this hope that's prevalent throughout the book and movie is greatly encouraging for me and i'm trying to find a way to make that sense last. perhaps i'm feeling like i'm in the middle of my own endless winter right now. i haven't seen christmas in a hundred years. i'm praying for that one spark. a spark that will revive my hope (faith) and cause ice to melt, giving way to a raging river.


  • you are so deep! : )

    Yup, it's me - emerging from the land of the shadows to say hello, bro!

    sorry you didn't get that promo. glad you're at peace with it.

    sorry it's been so long...

    By Blogger Shiny Beamer, at 20:53  

  • thanks. not sure what promo you're talking about. i was just a couple of days ago turned down for the 2nd one that i applied for. guess God doesn't think a raise will be necessary for me this year.

    By Blogger johnny m, at 09:14  

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