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blogging is dead and so am i! (2nd post here within a week!)

well, as i look around me i'm noticing something: no one really likes to blog anymore.

true, i haven't visited any of my friends' homes on the internet in quite some time so maybe my interest in blogging died too (but, wait, i'm writing this). but i'm realizing that most people just don't post anymore (and haven't since the spring of this year).

someone i actually quite admire recently said on his own blog that the internet is too overrun with blogs and stuff being written by "useless buffoons". but perhaps it's because those buffoons are only blogging because they can (not a good reason to blog IMO...yeah, that's right...i left out the "H"!).

blogging still means a hell of a lot to me, but mainly because i feel that not writing would lead to the slow suffocation of my own intellect so i can't, i won't, and i can't let that happen! thus i am making this the first ever double post. yeah...i'm posting this on both my public blogs (i have a private one too...but that's there for other reasons).

if blogging is dead i have to focus on one thing: please don't let it happen to me!

***this nonsensical jabbering brought to you by the letters H and Q


  • I don't know what's come over me but I am blogging at a frantic rate these days. It's been great (even if distracting and time consuming from a real life stand-point)

    By Blogger IndieFaith, at 12:33  

  • lol. real life stand point?

    you writing fiction dude?

    ribbing aside, i think blogging can be a chance to pull real life together and (therefore) is necessarily integrated rather than a "side note". that's not a criticism, but clearly a reaction.

    By Blogger johnny m, at 09:32  

  • yah, i suppose i was reacting to my own recent posts in which i realized how easy it is, like everything else in "real-life", to conform to your surroundings. And in the process get distracted from what i would consider some more important things.

    though i think writing in this forum can be very important.

    By Blogger IndieFaith, at 15:25  

  • i am here as well - again.

    By Blogger Shiny Beamer, at 14:40  

  • always like reading your stuff!

    By Blogger johnny m, at 08:29  

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