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love stinks

went to see he's just not that into you last night. with a huge cast and many different story lines, it was hard to know what to think going in. i've heard good things about it, so let's just say i was cautiously optimistic.

i think each character made a valuable contribution to the overall concept of the movie. i'm not sure it has a "story", although there are many stories in it, but it was well constructed. let's face it, the whole huge cast/multi-story line thing has been done a fair bit. sometimes it's a raging success, but sometimes it falls flat on its face. there is the tendency to let too many stars overshadow what the thing is actually trying to say. but i don't think this movie was guilty of that. it was pretty unassuming, not focusing too much on those who would normally be big stars. instead, the movie focuses on its most important characters.

i'd say the most important characters in this movie are gigi and alex. it's not just that what happens between them is important, but that i think a good portion of the message being sent was being sent with their dialogue (both individually and when sharing a scene). mind you, this movie has a lot of things to say...primarily about love. the joy it inspires, the pain it causes, the insanity it drives one to, and the stupid things people do in its name.

overall, i'd call it a keeper. it has its drawbacks, such as one particular line delivered by ben affleck, but those are minor when viewed with the whole. the ending sees 2 major story lines (ok, maybe they were only major imo) closed in a very moving fashion. this is appropriate because it really wraps things up nicely.

if you love relationship philosophy, or if you hate relationships, i would recommend giving this a chance.