spirits that speak


what Hugo Cabret has taught me about myself

well, i haven't posted here in several years. so it should be interesting to see if anybody is still reading. i guess this won't be much of a post, more just an echo in my mind that i want to release before it dies.

i went to see Hugo yesterday. i've seen it once before but we were fortunate to get tickets to an event where they were showing it for free (along with a couple of other movies) along with other activities that were happening. it was some kind of family fun event. i saw it with my 6 year old who, i was convinced, would get bored out of her tree.

if you haven't seen the movie, i would definitely recommend it. it's a little longer than the average movie but that's because it takes time and tells a story. it's a very good story. what spoke to me about it was a theme of having a purpose. the boy in the title role, Hugo Cabret, has a line about how broken clocks make him sad because they have lost their purpose.

for some reason i don't think that quite struck me the first time i saw the movie. but this time was different. you see, i'm someone who feels like maybe i lost my purpose at some point (or at least my perceived purpose). i had what i thought was my purpose some 13 years ago and it didn't work out. so in the past decade i guess at time i've felt like a broken clock.

don't get me wrong. this isn't a "woe is me" kind of thing. it's just an honest expression of how i've felt. and in a way it's ok. i have other things that i do that give me purpose. but perhaps it's just a dimension of my purpose that i've lost. and it hasn't been filled since it was lost. but what the movie seemed to be saying, or what i interpreted it as saying to me, is that purposes can be found once lost. the movie said that clocks can be fixed.

now, a broken clock, if fixed, would only re-claim its original purpose. and perhaps that's what's in store for me, i can't say. but i feel like perhaps i could possibly find another purpose. that is to say, there is the hope of doing so. and for that i am grateful to Scorsese and the writers of the film.