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Everybody Hurts

i don't quite understand what's happening, but after reading a few things today i had to respond.

two of the most important women in my life are having a very difficult time right now, and i'm not quite sure what to do. there's my wife and my sister. i mean, yes, i believe in the power of prayer and will engage in that...but i really want to do something additionally.

i really can't think of what to do. normally i want my blog posts to be profound and to really say something but what they are going through isn't typically helped by words. so i have been resigned to writing something simple.

i want both of you to know that what you're experiencing in your lives right now is not just observed by those around you. well, perhaps i can't speak for everyone so i should just speak for myself. i want you both to know that my spirit is anxious for you. my heart is there with you. my prayers are there with you. neither of you could know what your influence in my life means, but it's foundational. i suppose the profound part of this post is what you both mean to me.

so, since i really have no words and would continue to babble endlessly if i didn't stop myself, i will leave you with this. please watch the entire video. the words are meant to express the things i'm feeling, and the images are meant to inspire you to hold on. this is no joke by the way, i don't joke when people i love are going through hard times. but at the same time i have my optimistic side, so take this as i intend it.

so here's the video, for tanya and helen. make sure your speakers are on and the volume is up...


  • Thank you.
    Love you.

    By Blogger tan, at 21:53  

  • thanx - i actually laughed

    them's good memories - watching this movie with you

    By Blogger Shiny Beamer, at 13:27  

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